About Us

How we started

Entech has been acting for clients as a professional energy management company since the UK energy market was opened to competition in the 1990s.

We have built a strong business that values information as the most critical part of any organisation. Based on this belief, Entech Commercial has developed a range of services that help clients to use information in an intelligent manner: access it, interpret it and use it to make better-informed choices.

Our offices are based in Harrogate near Leeds Bradford Airport.


Our Support Services and Technical teams have been built on a combination of IT expertise and energy data management experience to become a highly efficient service provider to our clients and to support the work of our consultants.

Our team is drawn from a variety of backgrounds to ensure we have a broad base of in-house expertise, from strategy development to building controls, from carbon management to invoice validation.

Our History

Entech has been trading in the commercial energy sector since 1991, before energy markets were opened up to competition and has some of the most experienced consultants in the UK.

Our core business is founded on providing a comprehensive Energy Management Service for clients, not simply a supply or brokerage operation. We advise around 300 commercial clients on their total energy package – price, consumption, efficiency and cost reduction.

Our client base is predominantly Hoteliers and Hotel chains, but we also manage large national Client contracts including Network Rail & HS1, where we manage the energy demands of a number of stations. We deliver excellent customer service which is reflected in a very high client retention rate with longevity in our client relationships. We are also a preferred supplier in several national Procurement Networks.

With Energy prices increasing by circa 20% year on year over the last 7-10 years, there is a greater need for clients to manage their energy consumption & costs as the business impact is now substantial.

The recent & unprecedented drop in the global price of oil has had a subsequent effect on Gas & Electricity prices also. Energy prices are now lower than they have been for many years and this is the best window of opportunity for clients to fix their Energy Costs at a lower rate.