The commercial energy market is complex, with legally binding contracts that contain various permutations of costs, and large variations in the “total inclusive cost” to the client. Entech Commercial provides full support during energy purchasing. We use extensive, up-to-the-minute market intelligence, together with a network of industry contacts, to secure competitive supply contracts saving you money on your energy bills.

Energy contracts can be compared to a mortgage – when rates are low you want to lock into a good price that gives stability for your business costs for that period.

Do you know your contract renewal date? Are you actively managing your contracts and rates?

Our energy procurement services include:

All utility tariff offers are presented transparently, with a comparison matrix showing unit rates and standing charges, payment terms and an estimated annual cost to help businesses make an educated decision.

We manage all of the contract administration throughout, such that our clients enjoy a seamless transition when changing from one utility provider to another.