Gasification Plant

What is gasification?

Below is a brief summary of gasification

Gasification is a partial oxidation process whereby a carbon source such as coal, natural gas or biomass, is broken down into carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2), plus carbon dioxide (CO2) and possibly hydrocarbon molecules such as methane (CH4).

This mix of gases is known as ‘producer gas’ or product gas (or wood gas or coal gas, depending on the feedstock), and the precise characteristics of the gas will depend on the gasification parameters, such as temperature, and also the oxidizer used.  The oxidizer may be air, in which case the producer gas will also contain nitrogen (N2), or steam or oxygen.


Gasification technology can be used for:

•    Heating water in central heating, district heating or process heating      applications

•    Steam for electricity generation or motive force

•    As part of systems producing electricity or motive force

•    Transport using an internal combustion engine.

What next?

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Entech Commercial may be able to fund the installation and also pay for the fuel to run the plant. Alternative you may wish to fund this yourself but this can be discussed in more detail by booking an appointment with one of our engineers.

Gasification Process

Below is a simple flow chart to show how the gasification plant works.